Permission to Be You & Thrive!

Online Group Coaching Program

People have said you are a leader, superwoman, a strong black woman. They’ve said that you have it all together, are accomplished, caring, giving, loving, faithful or helpful.

Yet YOU SENSE THAT SOMETHING IS MISSING……You sense that you’re trapped in a box.


you want to get out of that box

You want to authentically connect with yourself, and you’re ready to discover what authenticity looks and feels like for you!

You’ve heard people talk about being loved by God, being seen, being known, being significant. You desire to know and see yourself as a loved and chosen daughter of God. You know this is the key to you getting out of that box and truly thriving.

You know that to get there, you’ll need to let go of the labels and expectations from society, family, friends, colleagues, the church, and even yourself.

You are scared, perhaps even unsure, but you’re willing to take that risk to go deeper and experience a deeper loving connection with God and with a community of other women.

You want to begin that journey…

But you’re unsure how    

You are encountering a choice between two paths...

Path One: Expectations + Labels  = Heavy Burdens

This is the path you’re already on, and it isn’t working. You’re feeling the WEIGHT emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Path Two: God’s Love + Authentic Connection = Permission to Be You! Step Out the Box! & Thrive!

You know it’s time to step onto the second path.



...and you’ve tried

Perhaps you’ve read books, articles and social media posts or you’ve listened to podcasts and watched videos about self-care, self-love, the black superwoman, the strong black woman, living life as a single woman, or the importance of being a great Christian wife. You’ve enjoyed conversations with your friends or workshops on living your best life, or sisterhood. As a result, you’ve gained some valuable insights.

However, you still want to know...

What does this mean for me personally?! How can I BE ME, Step Outside MY box and THRIVE?

You’re looking for spiritual and practical, tools, resources, answers, and experiences to help you step out of the box you’re currently trapped in.



I GOT YOU. I created this online group coaching program for YOU. I realized that you need something different: to work with like-minded black Christian women who are also working towards the path of authentic connection and seeking to deepen their connections to God.

As humans, we are created for and we thrive in relationships and deep connection.  

Imagine this...

I have created a SACRED space where you can Give Yourself Permission to Take Off Your Mask. Be Vulnerable. Be You. Be Authentic and Emerge in the Love of God and the Love of other black Christian women without judgment. A WARM space where you’re FREE to focus on yourself, not the whole world. A LOVING space where you experience ACCEPTANCE, despite not having it all together.


Wondering what you’ll get in this group coaching program?

Over 8 weeks, alongside other black Christian women you’ll learn and practice these keys to thriving as a black Christian woman:

Giving Yourself Permission to Step Out the Box and Thrive

Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Building Courage to be Vulnerable and ask for Help

Developing an Authentic Connection with God

Identifying and Challenging the Expectations and Labels you have Acquired

Becoming Comfortable with Your Imperfections Through God’s Love and Grace

Exploring Healthy Sexuality

  1. Live Training

    We’ll meet weekly 8 times over group video as I walk you through each concept, talk about how to apply it to your own life, and answer your questions.

  2. Individual Deep Dive

    You’ll meet with me one on one to talk about where you are currently and your desires to thrive.

  3. Community Support

    In our private Facebook group, you’ll have access to me and to the circle of women throughout the program. Community support is a big part of what you’ll experience in this program.

This program is set up to help you feel safe, be vulnerable, and get real. You will not be overwhelmed by information or told to do things a certain way.

I’m Bianca

I am honored to guide you through this program. This is the program I wish I had when I realized “I cannot do this alone. I need encouragement, support and nourishment from my sisters to be who God created me to be”. I know the power and change that occurs when black women authentically connect.

I have been described as encouraging, attentive and non-judgemental. My coaching superpowers are that I am genuine, informative and insightful. I will help you enhance your self-awareness. I will ask thought provoking questions that allow you to stop, think and connect to the present. I promise never to pretend to be perfect, and to be authentic with you.


registration waitlist

Registration for the Fall 2019 program will open in August 2019. I would love to connect and let you know as soon as registration is open. Please add you details below to stay connected.