Authentic Marketing: Permission to Think Outside the Box
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Authentic Marketing: Permission to Think Outside the Box

Hello, colleague

I created this workshop with you in mind, the mental health professional who is challenged with engaging in marketing and can relate to some of the following:

  • Feeling like an imposter or false in your marketing.

  • Feeling uncomfortable with selling yourself or being too salesy.

  • Feeling uncomfortable or guilty about making money.

  • The thought of marketing overwhelms you.

  • Perfectionism and procrastination is preventing you from starting your marketing.

  • You are an introvert and the thought of marketing and meeting people is exhausting and scary.

This workshop is both educational and practical. It is designed to help you move from marketing in you head to marketing in real life and give yourself permission to step outside the box and market in a way that is authentic to you and aligns with your values. 

I like to keep things simple so we will cover three main areas in the workshop.

  1. Mindset shifts in marketing for your private practice. This includes separating business worth, personal worth and therapist worth, along with ways to shift how you embrace marketing to make it more authentic to you.

  2. Practical application of marketing. This involves marketing exercises with people in the workshop, flushing out some of your ideas and thoughts and starting some of your marketing tasks.

  3. Group Universality. This part you will be familiar with, learning from other people in the workshop. Having accountability and most importantly recognizing you are not alone in the challenges with marketing.

What you will need to bring

Notebook/Journal - (It is important you have the ability to physically write on paper).

Laptop/Tablet - (This will you implement things we have learned and get you started on marketing in the workshop).

I look forward to connecting with you and helping give yourself permission to authentically market.

Coaching Option - Marketing Workshop + 1 hour coaching

If you would like a one one coaching session after the workshop you have the option to book a 1 hour coaching session + the marketing workshop for $99. Please note this coaching session will be booked at a later date.

Please feel free to listen to some of the podcasts I have been interviewed on regarding marketing and private practice.

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Minding My Black Business: Authenticity Grows Your Black Business featuring Bianca Hughes

Warm Regards


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