A Sister's Siesta

A Sisters Siesta was created by Jobbing with Jas. Jasmin created A Sisters Siesta with black women in mind. Mental Rest From from the Workplace In A Safe Place.  Every month, women come together to discuss the workweek, obstacles to overcome, and am opportunity to connect with other sisters. 

Jobbing With Jas is accompanied by Licensed Professional Counselor, Bianca Hughes to faciliate discussion and work through exercises to unpack our authentic selves in our workplaces and other setting... encouraging to take off our capes! We are super, phenomenal, and all around badass but sometimes it helps to just BE

Authenticity Assessment....Who are you really?!

The Authenticity Assessment was hosted by the Singles Ministry at Word of Faith Church. The event was two-part seminar for unmarried adults. Created to help them identify their authentic qualities and provide tools to diagnose authentic qualities in possible life-long mates.

Bianca was a guest panelist on the second part of the seminar sharing her wisdom and insight on living authentically with God, yourself and others. 



Podcast Features

Therapy for Black Girls Podcast


Bianca discusses perfectionism with Dr Joy Bradford on her podcast Therapy for Black Girls. Bianca and Dr Joy highlight what perfectionism means, what causes perfectionism, tools and strategies for freedom from perfectionism to help you become your authentic self.



Photo Credit: @blackbalancepod   Black Balance Podcast Link

Photo Credit: @blackbalancepod

Black Balance Podcast Link

Black Balance Podcast

"Self-Care is not Selfish; it's taking care of you"

Bianca has a real girl's talk conversation with Carol and Cameia on living your best authentic life. The Ladies highlight the importance of self-care and mental health. Bianca shares valuable insight on how to live an authentic life, becoming your own best friend, and letting go of expectations.